Making it easy to grow at home. 

Welcome to Seedle – your monthly reminder to get something in the ground. Seedle is a monthly subscription service that provides you with high-quality traditional open pollinated varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seed. 

Each month you receive an exciting pack that includes three new seed varieties, information about how and what you are planting and tips that will help you get the most out of your patch and produce. Each variety is chosen to be ready to be planted right away, specific to your climatic region.

Delivered anywhere in Australia, we want you to discover the joy of homegrown, seasonal, nutritious produce! No hassles, cancel at any time.

We’ve done the leg work; we’ll leave the dirty work to you.

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Choose either our regular or kids specific monthly packs. Each month you will receive a tailored selection of seeds and guidance on how to plant.

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Choose a patch  of soil or spot in a garden bed and get dirty! Our seeds are selected to be ready to plant when you receive them, so jump right in!

3. Enjoy

In no time you will be enjoying your own home grown seasonal produce. High quality, Australian cultivated seeds ensure your success.